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Posted at 01/05/2022
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Metalheads, we are in the “Release” section of the new Roadie Crew with a sensational review written by Valtemir Amler. For us it is very important when the critic understands the message that the band wants to convey. We wanted, with the live album “A Drink With The Death”, to rescue that essence of the 80s and 90s, when we entered the studio to record the famous “DEMO-TAPES”. And Niko Teixeira from Audiolab Extreme Studio was about capturing with excellence what we wanted to convey. Just to give details, all songs were recorded once, we didn’t repeat any of them so as not to lose that essence!


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We would like to thank Impaled Records who believed and supported this work and the great Alcides Burn for the cover art.
Roadie Crew: ‘Back in Banca’ with Dream Theater and Exodus featured in ed. #265

Edition #265 of the ROADIE CREW magazine that, in addition to maintaining its online sale, returns to newsstands in Brazil.

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