New single pays tribute to Sepultura
Posted at 09/20/2023
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StrongerthanyouThe São Paulo group Faces of Death, which will release its new album, “Evil”, in October, presents another single after the release of the title track, released as a lyric video. It’s “Stronger Than You” which, according to Laurence Miranda, vocalist and guitarist, comes as a tribute to Sepultura’s iconic sound, inspired by the albums “Arise” and “Beneath the Remains”. The music captures the essence of the weight and cadence present in these classic albums, even the lyrics evoke the spirit of the classic “Inner Self”.

“It wasn’t something planned, but a natural expression of the affinity with Sepultura albums that I was listening to frequently during the creation process,” explained the vocalist and guitarist. “It starts with weight and cadence, then goes to horse picking and brutality, goes back to weight and cadence, then goes to a more ‘Altered State’ side, where Luiz Amadeus did some arrangements of animal guitar solos. Then there’s a breakdown , go back to weight and have rides at the end. In short, a sound that will make you bang until your neck asks for a break”, he detailed.

Laurence Miranda (vocals and guitar), Luiz Amadeus (guitar), Sylvio Miranda (bass) and Niko Teixeira (drums) recorded “Evil”, the successor to “Usurper of Souls” (2020), at Audiolab Extreme Studios, in Taubaté (SP ). The album, which features a cover created by the renowned Marcelo Vasco, will be released through a partnership between the labels Impaled Records, Gerunda Produções and Gate Of Doom Records.

Listen to the single “Stronger Than You” on Spotify:



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