New single brings back the essence of metal from the 80s/90s
Posted at 08/17/2023
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Facesodeath 23Aiming to rescue the essence of metal from the 80s/90s, the new album by the São Paulo group Faces of Death comes angry, heavy, aggressive and intimidating. The first sample of the material, scheduled to be released in October through the partnership between Impaled Records, Gerunda Produções and Gate Of Doom Records, is the title track, “Evil”, released in single and lyric video.

“The title track of the new album brings that horror movie atmosphere. That’s why I recorded the intro thinking about the album ‘Nightmare Theater’ (1985), by Exorcist, and also about ‘Bestial Devastation’ (1985), by Sepultura. In fact, since our return I usually rescue this, because on the album ‘From Hell’ (2018) we put bells and the sound of rain just like Black Sabbath’s first album… And, of course, we do that because these bands are our influences . So, when people play ‘Evil’ they will remember the time we wanted to rescue, the 80s/90s. And that not only in the compositions, but also in the production, because we made a mix of the analogue with the digital”, details vocalist and guitarist Laurence Miranda. “We tried to keep the footprint of the 80’s/90’s and make a sound with references to bands that influenced us”, sums up bassist Sylvio Miranda.

Check out the lyric video for “Evil”, created by W. Perna (W Designer), at https://

Drummer Niko Teixeira, who shared the album’s production with guitarist Luiz Amadeus at Audiolab Extreme Studios, in Taubaté/SP, adds: “We worked on the songs to come out well in the 90s thrash metal and even in the timbre we achieved a massive feat.”

Luiz Amadeus, on the other hand, declares that it was magnificent to have participated, together with Laurence Miranda, in the entire creation process and, mainly, in the production. “Having produced the guitars and bass was incredible and the objective was achieved, with weight, precision, dynamics… Everything went as planned and this was a successful job.”


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