Faces of Death premiere video for ‘When Calls The Death’
Posted at 04/28/2022
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Ft When Calls The Death 2022Laurence Miranda (vocals and guitar), Luiz Amadeus (guitar), Sylvio Miranda (bass) and Niko Teixeira ( drums) surprise in new single/clip

When a band changes its lineup, the best way to introduce it to the public is to show something new. Thus, Faces of Death debuts its new phase with the single and video clip of “When Calls The Death”, the first sample of the work that Laurence Miranda (vocals and guitar), Luiz Amadeus (guitar), Sylvio Miranda (bass) and Niko Teixeira (drums) promise for the successor to the acclaimed “Usurper of Souls” (2020). The song was produced by the band at Audiolab Extreme Studio (Taubaté/SP) under the command of Niko Teixeira, who was also responsible for mixing and mastering.

Check out the video for “When Calls The Death”, which was captured by Pedro Campos and filmed at Corun Tatoo Machine (Pindamonhangaba/SP) at https://youtu.be/hZ2ZHhn7KBU

“I wanted to make a clip in a shed with the images in black and white, mixing with scenes of the band and the chaos of the pandemic. The intention was to present a very ‘analog’ video, without giving up technology, of course, using drone. everything to show a professional work and present the band’s new lineup in the best way for those who follow us”, commented Laurence Miranda. “The song and the video portray all the chaos and fear we live with Covid-19. With the new lineup, we were able to express and convey all these feelings, in a full-bodied, heavy sound with many hooks to shake and make the neck sway” , added Sylvio Miranda.

The new music video expresses all the chaos that Covid 19 marked the world and, according to Niko Teixeira, the song mixes slow, heavy and fast parts. “All these characteristics fit perfectly into the lyrics. This is the new Faces of Death,” he said. “We worked on the idea of ​​producing a clip where we focused on the pandemic issue, the madness the world has entered, which served as a warning to everyone. Laurence wrote a very objective lyrics and the rest of the band composed, together with him, this new sound. which also marks this new phase”, added Luiz Amadeus.

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