Faces of Death introduces new drummer!
Posted at 03/14/2022
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Niko And evolution can’t stop. NIKO TEIXEIRA is the new drummer for Faces of Death. Niko Teixeira is a partner/producer at Audiolab Extreme Studio (Taubaté/SP) and produced the video/essay “A Drink With The Death – Rehearsal Live” which was also released on CD by Impaled Records Brazil, Sangue Underground Records and Heavy and Beer. Niko Teixeira is the son of Luiz Amadeus (G) of Faces of Death.

The band’s Line Up has the brothers (Laurence and Sylvio Miranda) and Father and Son (Luiz Amadeus and Niko Teixeira). Watch a snippet of Niko Teixeira rocking out on the new single that will be released soon on all streaming media and also as a music video.


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