New live video and festival in Vale do Paraíba
Posted at 08/22/2022
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“1° Bar do Gu Metal Fest” will be held on September 3, in Guaratinguetá (SP)

After marking their return to the stage at the end of July playing at La Iglesia (SP), the São Paulo thrash/death metal band Faces of Death is getting ready to perform at a festival alongside bands from Vale do Paraíba, which will feature the Inoculum and Decapt bands. The “1st Bar do Gu Metal Fest” will be held on September 3, in Guaratinguetá (SP). “It will be an honor to play in Guaratinguetá, because we know that in this region of Vale do Paraíba there are many headbangers who are thirsty for shows. In addition, Bar do Gu, which is a house dedicated to Sertanejo, will open the doors to Metal for first time and we hope to show the strength of the heavy sound with the fans. We have to keep opening new spaces”, commented the vocalist and guitarist Laurence Miranda. “On the occasion we will present the album ‘A Drink With The Death’ in its entirety, just like we did at the La Iglesia show”, he added.

Vocalist Gustavo Vurmo, from Inóculo, is also looking forward to the event. “We are looking forward to participating in the ‘1st Bar do Gu Metal Fest’ and sharing the stage with our brothers from Decapt and Faces Of Death. It is an honor to be part of this tour and to enjoy with these guys who live and make the metal just like us. Let’s break this one and let more come”, he said. “The ‘Bar do Gu Metal Fest’ marks the return of Metal in full force in our region after the isolation of the pandemic. The event will mark the debut of our new lineup. We are excited”, added Juliano Foroni, drummer of Decapt.

Check out the live video of “King of Darkness”, extracted from Faces of Death’s performance at La Iglesia at https ://

“King of Darkness”, which is part of the debut repertoire, “From Hell” (2018), also integrates “A Drink with the Death (Rehearsal Live)”, which the band produced during the period of social isolation. The material was released on video, with the performance in a rehearsal room mixed with testimonies from the members, and also in physical and digital versions on streaming platforms.

In addition to scheduling shows, the band’s new lineup, which includes Laurence Miranda (vocals and guitar), Luiz Amadeus (guitar), Sylvio Miranda (bass) and Niko Teixeira (drums), is also composing new songs. The first sample of the unreleased was with the single/clip of “When Calls The Death”.

Faces of Death (Demo, 1994)
Retrocession (Demo, 1996)
Consummatum Est (EP, 2017)
From Hell (2018)
Usurper of Souls (2020)
A Drink With The Death – Rehearsal Live (2021)
When Calls The Death (Single, 2022)


Albums and merch can also be purchased directly from the band by contacting the band via social media (@facesofdeath) and email

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