Are you ready for Faces of Death news?
Posted at 04/01/2022
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Whencallthedeath What to expect from the future?
Prejudice, intolerance, totalitarianism, abuse of power, religious deception, slave labor, pandemic, war…
We are enslaved by social media, which is literally the true prison without a wall. The song “Escravo da TV” by Ratos de Porão” these days would be called “Escravo da Internet”. looking like zombie.
Anyway…we are all dead and we are all living in the realm called Virtual Earth.
Enjoy the analog life, because this one deserves your attention.
Don’t be a desperate slave anymore.
Your addiction to social media is the same addiction to Crack noia. Just leave you without Internet and you will be aggressive just the same.
Don’t be the Virtual Nóia…

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